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High pressure tanning beds are quite similar to low pressure tanning beds in terms of the principle used. The light bulbs are pointed at the body to stimulate melanin production and then to oxidize this melanin so a darker color is produced. Both types of tanning beds do this by stimulating the melanocytes in the epidermis with UVB light.

The great thing about high-pressure tanning beds is that they use lighting designed to filter out most of the UVB light while letting just enough shine through to stimulate the melanocytes. The result is that more UVA light reaches the melanin, which provides a great tan with less risk of skin problems.

With a low pressure tanning bed, it could take up to 15 sessions to establish a good base tan, and then two sessions a week to maintain it. This is because the higher proportion of UVB rays dries out your skin and causes the epidermis to "shed" or regenerate itself much faster.

 By filtering out much of this UVB light, high-pressure tanning beds reduce the negative impact on the epidermis, which means that your skin will stay moisturized and hold the tan for much longer.

 High pressure tanning beds should make establishing a base tan much easier, usually only taking 3-5 sessions. The tan will also last longer and require less maintenance. Instead of tanning twice a week, you can maintain your tan by using a high pressure tanning bed only two or three times a month!

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